Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blago's Pants On Fire!

"I haven't heard that tape," "I haven't seen that," "I can't comment on that." But when he's pressed for details, he recalls everything else about what he said or did to 'advocate for healthcare', 'save Wrigley Field', etc.

Lies, lies, lies. Its interesting that when pressed, he does not deny certain accusations. He's being a bit too clever here. Blago is quite simply a politician in the lowliest form of the word. He's a narcissist who loves to see himself, hear himself, hear others talk about him. He's so in love with himself that he wants all of the tapes played for the public simply because he's gushing over the idea of everyone listening to him--even if the tapes reveal what a slime he is!

Too bad the rest of the country only sees him in the context of the lies he tells now and the spin he puts on his record. And we're still paying this guy's salary!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I LOVE These Two!

I must admit, with some embarrrassment, that I love our new President and First Lady. I really love them. I love their kids, love their love for each other, love just about everything about them. That's dangerous territory when I start to disagree with a policy or decision he makes. But that all begins tomorrow. Tonight, I simply love these two. And for tonight, that's enough.

The New Birth of Freedom Has Begun


Millions...millions...already in Washington, DC at 7 in the morning, waiting for 3 more hours in frigid temperatures to catch a glimpse and feel a sense of history. The rest of us around the country and the world will watch and weep and cheer with pride and joy and fascination in this sudden sea change. We did no less than save this country from the devastating years of Bush. And that is all I want to say about Bush on this day.

This day belongs to President Obama and to us, and to all those who have paved the way to make this day possible. Our day. Our victory. Our celebration.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In The Shadow of Lincoln

The lives of Lincoln, MLK and Obama converge on this moment in time in a way that seems only possible in stories or movies. Did this really happen? Did we really do this? Of course, we did, well aware of the historical impact. But could we be witnesses to a greater historical moment? Did the citizens of Lincoln's time appreciate what they had in him? Are we participants in one of the turning points in American history? Only time will tell. For now, we can revel in the grandeur and say "I was there. I played a part."

We Are One

"Who's singing now?"
"Shakira....who's Shakira?"
"I don't know. What does she look like?"
"Long blonde hair with leather pants."
"One of those white chicks that sounds black and looks black and sings black?"
"Maybe.....its the end of white America, baby."
"I know...."
(long pause)
"...That's okay.....it wasn't that great, anyway."

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good-bye To All of That

While there is much to remember about 2008 and much to be grateful for, I will not miss the year that has passed. Its reminiscent of 1968 in some ways--one of those pivotal years in US history that ends up shaking so many people on a personal level. So many more with so much less than before. More fear, more uncertainty, less trust in the things we thought were sure.

I actually don't mind that Americans are once again forced to live within their means. That course correction has been a long time coming. And I don't mind that people might actually have to learn to cook to save money on food, and learn to do without in order to have what they need. I'd love to see smaller homes, smaller cars and bigger imaginations. But this past year stands as a reminder of what happens when power corrupts, when the rich white guys get away with financial genocide, when morality vacates the workplace, when people lose their overall sense of right and wrong and think only of the singular "Me", when ego reigns.

So good-bye to 2008, I will not miss you. Let's hope that the Obama Era is the beginning of a return to an awareness of things greater than the self. If nothing else, hard times remind us that we really are in this together. We just need to be reminded of that once every 50 years or so.