Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blago's Pants On Fire!

"I haven't heard that tape," "I haven't seen that," "I can't comment on that." But when he's pressed for details, he recalls everything else about what he said or did to 'advocate for healthcare', 'save Wrigley Field', etc.

Lies, lies, lies. Its interesting that when pressed, he does not deny certain accusations. He's being a bit too clever here. Blago is quite simply a politician in the lowliest form of the word. He's a narcissist who loves to see himself, hear himself, hear others talk about him. He's so in love with himself that he wants all of the tapes played for the public simply because he's gushing over the idea of everyone listening to him--even if the tapes reveal what a slime he is!

Too bad the rest of the country only sees him in the context of the lies he tells now and the spin he puts on his record. And we're still paying this guy's salary!

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