Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Worst Start Ever??

On Morning Joe this morning, Joe Scarborough called on Peggy Noonan to confirm his conclusion that Obama's start as President is "the worst ever". Peggy paused, turned her head to the side to suggest she was deep in thought, and then pronounced that William Henry Harrison had a worse start--he died! She then added, "its pretty bad."

Did we all really think Democrats and Republicans were going to join hands and sing "Kumbaya" in the Oval Office? Did we really think President Obama could tame this self serving rabble in a matter of two weeks, much less two terms?

I don't think of this as a bad start, or the "worst start". I think of it as the Presidential version of the New Hampshire primary. President Obama is taking his lumps and taking notes at the same time. He was not damaged by losing New Hampshire, he got stronger and smarter. What makes him different is that he learns from his mistakes!! I'll take wisdom and growth any day over arrogance and contempt for knowledge.


Cindi said...

Thank you! I agree with your thoughts. Obama is leading. Others may not recognize that yet.

Cindi said...

I agree with your comments. Obama is leading and that may go unrecognized by some.