Monday, November 3, 2008

The anonymous call from Texas

The phone rang this afternoon, and I hesitated to answer the call, identified only as "Texas call". I started to hang up on the canned voice until I heard her identify herself as the voice of Rasmussen Polling. So I bit.

After 8 minutes of answering questions, I understood better why some polls read one way while others clearly show different trends. I never thought a robotic call could disagree with me, but this lady actually paused and asked me 'was I sure I wanted to vote for Obama?'. Maybe this was their way to make sure I'd hit the right number, but it sure sounded like she was doubting my choice. There was another question that asked if I thought Obama would be a big "tax and spend" liberal? (I answered 'no'). They may have regretted calling this liberal in a conservative Republican county. The questions were clearly designed from a conservative perspective, and seemed to want a particular response. Sorry to disappoint:)

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