Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rendell Speaks for Us All

From the Pocono Record, Dan Berrett quotes Governor Ed Rendell, talking about McCain-Palin, "They've run the most deplorable, despicable campaign I've seen in 31 years." Berrett went on to cite Rendell's recollection of his past 14 elections, and how he has always been able to have empathy for the other side. He then stated, "I'm competitive, but I've never been spiteful. This time, ladies and gentlemen, I want to crush them."

CRUSH THEM. I must confess, after the last 8 years of Bush's ignorance and Cheney's arrogance, and the Republican's general tendency to act as if they have cornered the market on righteousness, I do like the sound of that. But if that's all we do, then we are no better and no different from them. Perhaps a football metaphor will work here. Every team has a linebacker that explodes through the line and decks the quarterback or running back from the opposing team. And sometimes, after he's pulverized the other guy, he reaches down and helps him up, and they continue to play. That's what we need to do: pulverize the other side and leave no doubt who is the victor, and then reach out to them when it is done.

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