Sunday, November 2, 2008

GOTV in Wisconsin

Today, I spent a few hours in one of the poorest sections of Beloit, Wisconsin, canvassing for Obama. Generally speaking, things like door-to-door canvassing and making calls is a pretty thankless job. You get a lot of people who've been called or visited before and are just tired of the whole thing.

But today was a little different. People driving by saw us canvassers and honked their support. Others stopped by in their cars and asked us for details about how to register late (which is legal in Wisconsin where they have 'same day' voting). Of course there were a few irritated folks, but the general feeling was one of hope. People were smiling with anticipation. These are people who don't look like they've had a lot to smile about or hope for for a while. Suddenly, all of us total strangers were sharing in something much bigger than ourselves. How often can you say that?

Two more days.

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