Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Goes South

John Boehner (R) is blaming Nancy Pelosi's apparently partisan speech for them not getting on board to vote this through. Excuse me? You didn't do what was right and absolutely necessary because your feelings were hurt?? So when you say its important to make this bipartisan and its important to make this about the American people and not about Democrats and Republicans, does that mean you only do that when it suites you?

I didn't hear Pelosi's speech, but I have heard partisan rhetoric the past few days, so its very likely that that happened and its stupid for her to do that, if she did. But since when is one person's partisanship enough to keep representatives of the people from doing their job?

Bottom line--Boehner couldn't deliver the votes, and his own leadership failed. Maybe the rich Republicans in the House can afford to lose money on Wall Street, but I can't. Can you?

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