Sunday, September 21, 2008

McCain's Brain

Evidence seems to be mounting that McCain is slipping. Not only did he exhibit an apparent lack of mental acuity (or perhaps auditory competence) in his interview with the Spanish speaking radio station earlier this week, he has flopped on the bailouts of AIG, the fundamentals of the economy, and the latest 700 billion dollar bailout. He has been the champion of deregulation who now wants to be the maverick who will 'shake up' Washington. The only shaking I can imagine is the fear he would evoke by his obvious incompetence. He referred to Palin's son as being in the National Guard, when he is in the Army. Can you imagine the outcry if Obama had made that misstatement? McCain would have accused him of unpatriotic, military incompetence. He would have said that any man who doesn't care enough or know enough to distinguish between the Army and the National Guard has no call to be Commander-in-Chief of those forces.

My theory is that McCain is not only becoming increasingly hard of hearing, but that he also is now suffering from an inability to identify his true voice, if he ever had it. The truth is that McCain has been re branded several times in this campaign already. Can't you just see him in a staff meeting--"Now are we using the 'change' or 'experience' or 'maverick' or 'reformer' line today?" He seems to be drowning in his own swill of disingenuousness. He can't speak honestly or with authority because the words are no longer his. When he pulled the curtain of the Straight Talk Express, it was a signal to all of the press, that his better days were behind him. He is now an aging puppet who is no longer sharp enough or strong enough to fight his controllers.

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