Friday, September 26, 2008

John McCain - Stuntman Supreme

Moments ago, McCain reversed yet another one of his positions by saying that now he will go to Mississsippi to debate Obama tonight. There is no agreement on the economic bailout package, as he claimed would have to exist before he would agree to debate. In fact, they aren't really very close right now, according to Harry Reid. McCain's claim that he needed to "suspend" his campaign and rush back to Washington to save the economy is about as legitimate as Bush's claim that Iraq had WMD. In fact, there is some haunting familiarity here to the need by McCain to create drama around himself, to vault his character as the hero. Bush likewise revelled in the role of savior of democracy, while his policies tore apart the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

McCain is, in fact, telling us much about what a McCain presidency would look like. Instead of the lead actor, commanding the attention of the audience, conveying the essence of the storyline and being an integral part of the narrative, McCain is the stuntman. He's the guy who steps on stage to make a big splash, do a flip or flop to impress. He's providing a piece of action, but contributes very little to the actual storyline. By doing so, he attracts attention momentarily, and people may even be impressed momentarily, but soon they realize that there is little else there but bluster.

Can you imagine an entire movie acted by stuntmen? Can you imagine the drama fatigue one would feel after 15 minutes? That would be the essence of a McCain administration--drama fatigue. Its time for grownups to take charge here and send Johnnie boy to his room for the rest of the evening.

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