Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin Watch

"Its about...taking...less...from...them". Palin in Lady Lake, FL speaking now, touting her record in Alaska. She is speaking very slowly, as if the crowd is at risk of not following her and grasping her complicated message. She suspended the state fuel tax....hmmm, not such a big deal in oil rich AK. She at least got the "McCain-Palin" part right this time. She accuses Obama of exercising poor judgment, wants to raise taxes, hurt small business. Do people there wonder why someone would want to raise taxes on all the little poeple that he's depending on for votes? Does anyone think that lie is even credible?

Veteran wearing a t-shirt with "I kissed a pitbull with lipstick and I liked it". The CNN commentator says "Very nice," when he sees it and notes the man is wearing it with pride.

More of the usual rhetoric from her, with words like "maverick"and "reformer" being tossed in. The crowd predictably cheers.

Lots more disrespectful sarcasm from her now aimed at Obama. Where does this ignorant woman get off? She's talking about moving the oil down to the lower 48. Doesn't mention that its cheaper to sell it to Canada then transport it all the way down to the lower 48 states.

FOX breaks into her speech to quote Rasmussen to say that the polls are "dead even"! And the reporter says, "Can you believe it?!" Actually, Rasmussen has Obama ahead by 1%, but Gallop and all other polls I have seen have Obama ahead by 5-6%. So, of course, FOX quotes the poll that has them closer or "dead even" according to FOX. The guy from Rasmussen says that Obama needs to look "presidential". Hmm...does this imply that McCain doesn't have to look presidential or that he already does? Where has this guy been? Has he seen McCain's angry and bitter rantings this week? If anyone needs to prove he can be or act presidential, its McCain. And he can't.

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