Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin Watch II

CNN 's Anderson Cooper is discussing with a panel of Borger, Rollins and Begala their assessment of Palin's utterly disasterous interview with Katie Couric tonight. To a person, they are apologists for Palin and are blaming her "handlers". They give every reason for her failure, including the campaign "locking her up" having the unexpected negative consequence of hurting her confidence. Not ONE of them suggests that maybe she's just dumb! Maybe she just doesn't know this stuff! Maybe she just has an 8th grade level of understanding of very complex and nuanced issues. They also are, to a man and woman, reinforcing the notion of the woman as victim. I'm sorry...what???!! 'If it weren't for the campaign locking her up, she'd be breezing through these softball interviews??' Ya think?? Isn't it remotely possible that the reason---THE REASON--she is on a short leash is that they saw her in their mock debates and privately concluded that they were fucked if she spoke to a real reporter.

Now they've ended their discussion by concluding that Biden has had his gaffes, too, so they conclude (with an eye towards the goal of perfect neutrality) that its been a week of VP gaffes, instead of the obvious, which is: SHE'S AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!

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