Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain and Palin - Bottom Feeders

When someone like Joe Wurzelbacher is held up as a foreign policy authority by this campaign, we all need to worry a LOT about the direction of our country. We are witnessing the culmination of eight years of a dumbed-down presidency and the conscious decision by John McCain to appeal to the lowest, most base and primitive fears of a people, exploited purely for his own gain. This is not a man of principle. This is a sad, selfish pathetic excuse for an American citizen. He is not only stirring the pot of hatred that boils in the poor and undereducated areas of this country, he is adding the fuel and watching with gleeful pride as Palin dances around the flames. McCain and Palin are attempting to substitute character assassination for policy. They are stoking the fears of the electorate as a proxy for real patriotic passion. This cannot stand. This canNOT be what this country is about. We must, we MUST love this country more than that. And we must show it.


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