Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain's Health

More and more, it seems McCain is showing signs of wear and tear. This is no surprise, really, that a 72 year old man would be exhausted at this point in a grueling political campaign. So maybe what we're seeing is just that--the face of exhaustion. But it is increasingly troubling to see McCain stumble over his words. His "economic announcement" this morning was as disjoint and bumbling as recent campaign speeches have been. One has to assume he would be a little more energized in the morning, and yet here he was barely able to read the teleprompter, followed by increased anger directed at Obama.

Yesterday at a rally, he started coughing in mid-sentence. Maybe he has a cold. Maybe its no big thing. But between the twitching left eye, constant blinking, inability to read a prepared statement without stumbling, and poor memory he looks more and more like someone who has no business in any decision-making, much less being the heir to Bush's "decider" role.

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