Sunday, October 26, 2008

Palin Going Rogue on McCain

Its become increasingly clear over the past few days that Palin doesn't approve of the way she's been handled by McCain staffers. She has started talking to the press when she's not scheduled to, she complained about pulling out of Michigan and referred to robocalls as "annoying".

Today, she appeared with Elizabeth Hasselback and spoke for 4 minutes about her $150,000 wardrobe after Hasselback brought it up in her introduction. Now its safe to say that the last thing the McCain folks want her talking about is another one of their blunders. But there she was, going off message. The message itself is not so damaging, because most people have already formed an opinion about it. But the fact that she's spending valuable campaign time and face time with the voters talking about it is the miscalculation. This is the true mark of an amateur campaign.

Maybe Palin recognizes how poorly this thing is being run. Maybe she thinks she can do a better job without her handlers. Perhaps. But I think this is where her naivete catches up with her. I don't think she knows enough about big time politics, nor do I think she knows how the rest of America (outside of her select religious right) thinks--the real America, if you will, to exercise wise judgement.

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