Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin's Free Advertisement on Cable News

Yesterday, Elizabeth Hasselback referred to Obama's purchase of 30 minutes of airtime as "repulsive". This morning, Palin gave a very long winded talk about energy. Its went on for at least 15 uninterrupted minutes on all the cable news channels. Usually, the channels cut away from such obvious attempts to get free advertising and say such things as "We'll come back to this if there is some breaking news." Today, they let her drivel on about the same old same old we have heard for months, with no cut away or interruption. Granted, it needed to be covered because this is presented as her signal issue, but the reality is that she said nothing new.

Two things were interesting, though. She actually said at the beginning that there is a big difference between McCain and Obama on the energy issue. She said that the Obama administration would continue the policies of relying on foreign oil. What planet has she been on the last 2 years? This is patently false and she knows it. Its another one of those Rovian lies that the McCain campaign tells everyday, hoping that the uninformed masses will believe it as truth, because its said over and over again.

The other point, albeit a small one, is that she mispronounces two pretty important words. She insists on parroting Bush and saying "nuc-u-lar" instead of properly pronouncing it "nu-clee-ar". She also repeatedly mispronounced "infrastructure" as "infastructure". Is it too much to ask that our country's leaders sound smart, even if they're ignorant buffoons?

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