Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Morning Joe" Hits New Lows

Live blogging "Morning Joe": Joe Scarborough is on a roll right now defending Palin's "impressive intellect". Mika is doing her blonde best to disagree, but her opinion blows with the wind. Her intellect is as impressive as Palin's, which is one way of saying "not so much".

Now they're attacking David Brooks for calling her "a cancer" on the Republican party. They're drawing comparisons to Ronald Reagan and basically saying its the "elite Republican media" as well that are skewering Palin.

Now they've brought in Jonathan Capehart from the Washington Post to say "this race isn't over". The need for all of them to spin this thing in favor of McCain is amazing. Joe Scarborough's need to have his opinion justified is insatiable. And unfortunately, at the expense of better political t.v., the crew around him is compelled to agree with him. So, when Joe sets the agenda, like any good Republican campaign, they follow the talking points instead of having livelier debate. Bottom line: don't disagree with Joe. "I LOVE that woman!" Joe concludes about Palin. Mika agrees. After that statement they agree that Bill O'Reilly is right about what he says about the women on "The View" taking themselves too seriously. I guess its not okay for a group of women to have a serious political discussion, but everyone needs to lockstep it with Joe Scarborough. Hmmm....

"There is a beating heart of conservatism out there" Peggy Noonan just announces as her reason that this election is not over. She identifies the country as "center right". I think this country is centrist, but certainly waivers when it comes to social issues. Most people want legal abortion even if they don't agree with it. Most people are for some form of gay marriage. Most people want government protections that go beyond what true conservatives want. The country is not center right. In the last election, the voters that voted were center right. And look what happened when we let them choose our president.

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